Within our INTELLILOCK Web Hosting Control Panel you can get an easy to use Web–site Builder application, that can be used to design your brand–new web site. INTELLILOCK’s Website Builder incorporates over 1 hundred special layout themes, found in different color options, that you can personalize to your preferences. In order to create a fresh site, you won’t have to comprehend HTML, PHP, CSS or other backend language. All that you should be aware of is how to utilize the handy manager in the Site Builder. You can use it to speedily generate different web pages, revise their details, incorporate brand–new elements to your site and a lot more.

A Simple–to–use Website Builder

No encoding working experience is necessary

If you use a tool to design your website, it’s vital that this instrument is easy to work with. For this reason, we incorporated the Web–site Builder directly into our Web Hosting Control Panel. it is extremely handy and helps you to develop your website with just a click of the mouse.

You could create pages, maintain their layout and also bring new components using an intuitive editor. If you have utilized a CMS, a web app or perhaps a text editing app, you will already understand how to utilize INTELLILOCK’s Website Builder.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

Many different Website Themes

There are over 100 layout templates

INTELLILOCK offers over 100 website templates with different coloring setups and different styles. In this way, you can easily make your website exclusive from the very start. You can include extra webpages, alter their order, and so forth.

If you no longer enjoy the look and feel of your website, you can switch the design template, the color pattern and the design at any time. The entire website contents will be kept and will appear on the brand new theme instantly.

Multiple Website Templates

Step–by–step Training Videos

See how quick it really is to create a web site

The Site Builder comes with a selection of training videos that will lead you from the stage of starting the tool, to modifying your current pages. The video tutorials are set up as per the most frequently asked questions on the Web–site Builder in order to go over what users really need to know.

If you’d like additional support, you can also look at INTELLILOCK’s in–depth manuals or get hold of the 24x7 support team.

Video Tutorials