Most of the email messages sent around the globe nowadays are spam, in other words – unsolicited messages with different offers or with hyperlinks to malware. Not only are such email messages aggravating, but they also pose a threat to your own PC, not to mention that you may get duped. This is the reason why numerous email service providers make use of email filters, which are software applications that keep track of all inbound email messages and filter out the unwanted ones on the basis of their content – what words or phrases an email message contains and how many times they’re mentioned, what website a particular hyperlink redirects to, what outgoing SMTP mail server the email message is sent from, and so on. Some web hosting companies also rely on the databases of spam-detecting organizations devoted to the provision of the most up-to-date information about unasked-for messages, to make certain that their customers will not get any email message in their inbox that is not supposed to be there.
Spam Filters in Cloud Hosting
The security of any email account that you set up in a cloud hosting account with our company is ensured by the powerful SpamAssassin filter that we use. You can enable it via the Email Manager section of your Hepsia Control Panel and it offers 5 levels of protection based on the spam score it gives to every email depending on different parameters, such as the recurrence of specific words, the sender, etc. If you keep getting spam messages, you can always increase the level or if you’re scared that you may miss an authentic message, you can mix the automatic filter with a custom one and redirect all email messages from a given sender to another email address. In case you decide that you no longer require a spam filter for a particular mailbox, you can deactivate it with no more than a few clicks of the mouse.