The hosted domains feature of a web hosting account refers to the number of registered domains that one can include in the very same account. Registering a domain and hosting it are 2 different services although many people consider them to be the very same thing. While the registration means you become the owner of a certain domain address, the hosting element is what really permits you to have a website since this is where your files and email messages will be. Because these are 2 independent services, it is possible to register a new domain with one company and host it with another by modifying its name servers (DNS) - the domain address shall work in the exact same way as if it was registered and hosted with the same company. Additionally, it is extremely important to know that changing the hosting means pointing the domain name to another company and not transferring it.
Hosted Domains in Cloud Hosting
The cloud hosting plans that we provide enable you to host a different amount of domain names. In this way, you can pick what package to get and how much to spend based on your needs. If you choose to host more domain names in the future than the amount the current package enables you to, you can quickly upgrade the whole package or even keep the same one and just add more slots for hosted domain names. If you choose to use the registration services of a different company, you'll be able to see the name servers that you have to set for your domains so that you can direct them to our cloud platform in the Hosted Domains section of the Control Panel on our end. If you want to have everything in 1 spot, however, there is no limit for the number of domain addresses which you can register/transfer as part of your account regardless of the hosting package that you have chosen. Then you can decide if you'll host any of them or you will forward them to other existing domains.